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5 Steps Towards Making Your Kickstarter Campaign A Success

Step 1: Lay Down The Groundwork

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A successful campaign begins far before the launch date...

  • Research successful campaigns of similar products. Look at how they set their page up, filmed their video, and ran their marketing. 
  • Finalize your pitch. Have your product ready and be clear what you are offering. 
  • Have your ducks in a row for after the campaign. Make sure you have a manufacturing plan in place, do some test runs if possible, and think through how you are going to handle fulfillment. 


Step 2: Perfect Your Page

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This is where a lot of creators miss their mark. Your Kickstarter page is your chance to pitch your creation in depth. To answer questions, display features and prove to potential backers why your product is worth while. 

  • Your video can make or break your campaign. Get creative and layout what you are doing as clearly as possible. A well made video can be diced up and used for marketing during and after your campaign, so there is no reason not to spend a lot of time and effort on it. 
  • Organize your page in a way that makes sense. Put important information towards the top. You want people who are just glancing at your page to be able to get all the information they need without reading your entire page.
  • Make your page aesthetically pleasing. People pick up on subtle details and it effects their buying decisions. So put some time into the format of your page.


Step 3: Pledge Rewards

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Spend some time really thinking through your pledge rewards. Figure out your manufacturing and fulfillment costs. Decide what you plan on selling your product for after the campaign and keep that number in mind. 

  • Once you know these valuable numbers, you can offer the best deal you can afford. The main advantage of Kickstarter for backers is getting products at a discounted rate, so keep that in mind. 
  • Utilize the ability to limit rewards, offer special deals when you launch your campaign for the first x amount of people. This is a great way to get your campaign off the ground and a great way to show appreciation for the people who back you early on. 
  • Stay away from too many rewards. Keep it simple and eliminate confusion.


Step 4: Get The Word Out

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You could invent the best product the market has ever seen, develop a great page, and lay out awesome rewards. The problem being if you don't get traffic to that great page, then there is no way for people to back you. 

  • Press is your best friend. Reach out to blogs that cover similar products, the right blog is an incredibly powerful tool for getting your campaign out there. Do interviews with every news organization that is interested, even if it is a small local company. Every piece of press out there about your product opens doors for more press down the road, resulting in more traffic to your campaign. 
  • Focus on spreading your digital marketing out on several platforms. Videos are the most stimulating way to get your campaign out there. Utilize every social media platform you can through grass roots and paid methods. Look into other options that work for your product, from Google ad words to YouTube advertisements, the options are endless. 
  • Utilize every email list you can. Begin building your own list up before the campaign. Reach out to companies that might be interested in your project and hop on their email list. 


Step 5: Engage With Your Backers

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This is another category where creators drop the ball. It is so easy to get caught up with running a campaign that creators sometimes forget the people who are most important. 

  • Your backers are the people putting their money behind you. Therefore they are saying "I want this product" and "I believe in what you are doing"
  • Answer any questions they might have in a timely manner. You want people who back you project to feel the appreciation they deserve and to stay fired up about your campaign.
  • Backers are your greatest asset. You need to deliver on what you promised to them.
  • A backer can become a life long customer and advocate, so keep that in mind!



These are just a few thoughts I wanted to share from my personal experience on the Kickstarter platform. There is no right or wrong way to run a campaign, but this is how I ran mine. 

Until next time..




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