$100 Gift Card Giveaway - Winner Announced 02/21/20

Enter To Win A $100 Gift Card To Our Store

We are going to do a drawing this Friday the 21st and the winner will get a $100 gift card to our online store. Keep in mind, we are a small business, so the odds are in your favor :)

Rules For Entry Are As Follows:

  • Up To 10 Entries Per Person
  • Review A Product On Our Website = 1 Entry Per Review (Good or Bad)
  • Send Us A Picture Using Your Purchase To info@ruggedroadoutdoors.com = 1 Entry Per Picture Sent In
  • Make A Donation To Living Water International = 5 Entries Per Donation 
  • Follow Us On Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Facebook = 1 Entry Per Follow

Write A Review

To write a review, you simply go to the page for whatever product you purchased and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom there is a box like the one pictured above. You click the "Write a review" link and fill the form out.

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Send In A Photo

Here at Rugged Road, some of our favorite photos are pictures that our customers took while using our gear. Send in whatever pictures you have taken of your purchase to info@ruggedroadoutdoors.com for 1 entry per photo sent in. 

Donate To Living Water International

We believe that clean drinking water is something that every human on this earth deserves. We are giving 5 entries to anyone who makes a donation to Living Water International or any similar organization (Regardless of the $ value of said donation). Simply email us a confirmation of your donation. 

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Follow Along 

Follow any of our social media accounts for 1 entry per account. 

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