Floats Upright

Rugged & Durable

Up to 7 Days of Ice

Built To Float Upright

Designed with Anglers in Mind

Tired of chasing your drinks downstream when your cooler flips over? Forget about coolers that can’t keep up with your fishing needs. Our fishing coolers are a game changer, combining lightweight construction with unmatched durability. Plus, the upright floating design keeps your bait, drinks, and snacks dry and within reach, making it the ultimate cooler for any fishing adventure.

Won’t Tip Over

Our fishing cooler’s “Heads-Up” Floatability™ means it stays upright in the water when fully packed, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over and spilling your catch.

Room for Everything

There's ample room to store your bait, drinks, and the day’s catch, with a snack rack and divider to keep everything organized and accessible.

Goes Where You Go

The ultralight construction makes it easy to carry your cooler to and from your favorite fishing spots without any hassle.



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Rugged Road 65 V2
Rugged Road 65 V2
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Rugged Road 65 V2

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Polar White Gunmetal Gray Blue Steel Sahara Tan +1

Proven on the Water: Real Reviews from Anglers Like You

Thousands of fishers have made the switch to Rugged Road. Find out why so many rely on our innovative design and durability.

"I love my Rugged Road cooler! It’s so lightweight which is ideal for all the ice fishing trips I take where we don’t want to have a ton of stuff and weight in our sleds. The added accessories with the cooler like the divider and snack rack make it easy to keep my food dry from the ice. I also love that I can use the lid as a cutting board for fish!"

-Sarah S.

"With temps reaching the mid to high 90’s it feels like summer 🔥🔥🔥..it is imperative that you have a cooler keeps your fish COLD 🥶❄️❄️ !! Rugged Road keeps your catch ICE COLD for much longer no matter how HOT your Texas summer is !!"

-Trey W.

"Light on the lift, heavy on performance - the RR65 V2 makes every journey effortlessly cool. Only 13 lbs, but packed with chill. Some of my favorite features: 💥 Double sided lid that flips over with ease. 💥 Floats upright in water. 💥 Holds 65 12oz cans PLUS ice. 💥 2 types of handles to make handling your cooler as easy as possible. 💥 Non-slip exterior finish."

-Taylor W.

"This cooler is no joke. 😎 You know how much goes into packing for ice fishing? Typically you’re hauling out a decent amount of gear onto the ice. With the Rugged Road Outdoors cooler being as light as it is - it makes it so much easier."

-Renee F.