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Floating Coolers Built For Your Adventures

Traditional coolers can't keep up with life on the water. Our floating beverage coolers, specifically engineered for water activities, combine ultralight weight with incredible durability. Whether you're spending a day on the lake, at the beach, or in the pool, the upright floating design means your drinks and snacks remain dry and easy to find, making our floating coolers the must-have accessory for your time on the water.

Keeps Everything Secure

Not only will it keep your drinks ice cold, but our coolers float upright every time, even when fully loaded. You’ll never have to swim back to the shore or climb up on the boat for a refill again; everything stays secure and within easy reach.

Won’t Weigh You Down

Our floating ice chest coolers, specifically engineered for water activities, combine featherlight weight with superior performance, making them easy to carry on and off your boat, kayak, or paddleboard.

Built For The Water

Our coolers are built to withstand any water conditions. So even if the whitecaps get rough or your kayak takes a tumble, your adventures won't miss a beat, and your cooler will be right there with you.

Best Floating Cooler for All of your water activities

Best Floating Cooler for All of your water activities

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Rugged Road 85 V2
Rugged Road 85 V2
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Rugged Road 85 V2

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Gunmetal Gray Blue Steel Polar White Sahara Tan +1

Why Our Floating coolers are making waves

Join the community of satisfied adventurers who have made the switch to Rugged Road. Discover why so many trust our brand for their outdoor needs and see the difference for yourself.

"This is by far the best light weight cooler I have laid my hands on. I love that it floats. I can take it with me behind my kayak or floating the river. It also holds ice way longer than any other cooler I've had."


"If you want long lasting ice retention, without breaking your back with those heavy coolers. This is for you, not to mention it floats upright while FULLY LOADED! Floating the river just got easier."


"This cooler stood the test of time out on the water. Not only did it float, but I was able to use the reversible lid as a cutting board when we were prepping all of the shrimp that we caught."

-Jay Y.

"Unreal technology. I have never seen a cooler float like this one. Fully loaded, upright, and perfectly in reach no matter the water conditions. I can't recommend this cooler enough."

-Jessica H.