Floats Upright

Rugged & Durable

Up to 7 days of ice

Lose the weight, not the ice

Say goodbye to bulky, heavy coolers that waste storage space

Engineered for adventure, Rugged Road's innovative features set a new standard for the coolers industry. Our patented design combines breakthrough technologies for unmatched strength, ultralight weight, and maximum storage capacity. Plus, our coolers float upright when fully packed and keep your food and drinks cold for up to 7 days, providing the perfect blend of convenience and performance for all your outdoor needs.



Gear Essentials

Rugged Road offers more than the industry's most innovative coolers - from drinkware to apparel to accessories that enhance your cooler experience; we've got you covered.





Go Further, Stay Longer: A Cooler for Every Adventure

Whether you’re camping, fishing, hunting, or out on the water, our coolers are the ultimate ultralight companions for every adventure. Their versatility and high-performance features make them a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts.


your ultimate camp-anion

From glamping to the backcountry, our ultralight coolers ensure you can pack more without the strain. They’re fire-resistant and durable, making them versatile pieces of gear—use them as a seat around the campfire, as a stand to hang your bear bag, or use the lid to fan the flames or prep a meal. Plus, with superior ice retention, your supplies stay cold for the entire trip.

Rugged Road in the Wild: Real People, Real Stories

Join 30,000+ Trailblazers on the Rugged Road

Don’t just take our word for it—see why so many adventurers trust us with their outdoor needs.

"We have tried what feels like all the coolers on the market and Rugged Road Coolers are hand down our favorite coolers...The ice retention is not only competitive to other cooler brands but better. We have put this to the TEST here in Utah during the summer. Yes, it truly floats upright every time! I recommend these to everyone!"


"Absolutely love this cooler! Went from 3 Yetis and now ready to buy my second rugged cooler! The weight of the cooler is probably the biggest difference as well as a floating cooler that keeps everything cold throughout the day! Can’t complain at all! Absolutely wins over Yeti!"


"I love this cooler. It's light weight which really is so awesome! AND it floats!!! It's so nice to be able to lift this cooler up onto my boat and not worry about hurting my back. It's durable which allows me to also use it as a stand on the boat when I'm sight fishing. All around is perfect for my needs, like I said It's a game changer."

-Cherlyn A.

"We love this cooler. It’s super lightweight, love that it holds 45 cans plus ice and best of all it floats. We do a lot of outdoor activities and having a lightweight & durable cooler is key. We look forward to using it on all our adventures."

-Renee H.

"A fantastic lightweight and durable cooler that doesn’t make any sacrifices. Large capacity is capable of holding several dozen cans and plenty of food items while keeping the ice for several days. The roped handles make it very easy to carry compared to most other coolers."


The Road Less Traveled? We Built a Cooler for That.

Whether you're exploring remote trails, casting a line in uncharted waters, or simply enjoying a weekend off the grid, our coolers are designed to withstand the journey.

every cooler helps provide clean drinking water

10% of Rugged Road's Annual Profits go directly to the Rugged Road Foundation to build wells around the globe, ensuring clean, reliable drinking water for underdeveloped communities.

Founder, Rugged Road Outdoors


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