703 Million Reasons TO TAKE ACTION

The Rugged Road Foundation

Right now, 703 million people lack access to clean water leading to the death of 800 children every day.  Rugged Road Outdoors is determined to help change that! That’s why Rugged Road Foundation is partnering with neverthirst to provide innovative, reliable clean water solutions for underdeveloped communities in Niger (the poorest country in the world).

Here are a few examples of how far a donation can go:

$40 will provide clean drinking water for a person for life.

$200 will provide clean drinking water for a family of 5 for life.

$500 will provide clean drinking water for multiple families for life.

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Coolers with a Conscience

How Your Purchase Makes a Difference

Rugged Road is so much more than just a cooler company; it's a vessel to serve the community. Through the Rugged Road Foundation, we are able to donate 10% of our profits to building wells around the globe. We have broken ground on our first two water projects in Niger, and are looking forward to many more to come in the future.

From our founder

“Boreholes can provide access to clean drinking water to hundreds of people in developing communities. Having the opportunity to raise funds for this well changed my life in ways I could not have imagined, and has given me a purpose greater than just running a business. I will donate 10% of Rugged Road’s annual proceeds to the Rugged Road Foundation. The primary focus of the foundation will be to build wells in developing countries around the globe, with the help of people like Zakaria Yakuba (pictured left).”

Founder, Rugged Road Outdoors