Who We Are

A Rugged Road Isn’t Something To Be Scared Of... A Rugged Road Is Something To Be Embraced.

To be rugged is to be weathered, well-worn, capable, battle-tested, and dependable.
At Rugged Road Outdoors we believe that in order to truly grow, it is necessary to step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself.
While some may choose the easier path in life, the path less traveled is the one that will shape who you are. 
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going - so get outside of your comfort zone and embrace the RUGGED ROAD.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality, cost effective products that kindle outdoor adventure and to utilize business to implement sustainability in developing communities globally.

“Boreholes (such as the one pictured below) can provide access to clean drinking water to hundreds of people in developing communities. Having the opportunity to raise funds for this well changed my life in ways I could not have imagined, and has given me a purpose greater than just running a business. I plan to donate 10% of Rugged Road’s proceeds to the Rugged Road Foundation. The primary focus of the foundation will be to build wells in developing countries around the globe, with the help of people like Zakaria Yakuba (pictured left).” - Spencer Sutlive, Founder & CEO

Rugged Road Outdoors CEO Spencer Sutlive working with Zakaria Yakuba

Meet the Founder

Spencer Sutlive founded Rugged Road as a student at the University of Georgia in 2016. Growing up in Georgia, he spent many hours of his childhood and adolescent years outside, doing anything from floating down the Chattahoochee to scaling Yosemite. His business was inspired by his love for the outdoors, and made it his mission to curate the highest quality gear for any outdoor enthusiast to rely on. Spencer lives the Rugged Road life, and personally tests the quality of each product in a real-world environment before approving its design.