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What's In A Name?

A Rugged Road isn’t something to be scared of...

unless the only car you’ve ever driven is a luxury sedan  

It’s something to be embraced. Being described as rugged means weathered, well-worn, capable, battle-tested, dependable.

Mission Statement: 

To provide quality, cost effective products that kindle outdoor adventure and to utilize business to implement sustainability in developing communities globally.


Meet The Founder:

Spencer Sutlive is the youngest of 4 boys and took to the outdoors immediately. Whether venturing down the Chattahoochee River from GA to the coast of FL or scaling a mountain just to camp on a cliff in the freezing cold, Spencer is always looking for the best gear and the next adventure. Spencer has been working in the retail industry from the time he was 14. He found himself waking up at 4 am many mornings throughout high school, to fulfill orders for the t-shirt business he and his older brothers co-founded. Through combining his love for the outdoors and his background in the retail industry, Spencer founded Rugged Road Outdoors.